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rugfix® - new organising

Rugfix is manufactered for your horses rugs out of 100 % stainless steele. The rugfix range consists of two different hangers, rugfix I (single hanger) and the rugfix II (double hanger) as well as three different hook-systems, called rugfix hook I+II+III. 

 rugfix® - new organising in your stables

Everybody knows about the problems with rugs. Where to put them if they are wet, filthy or sweaty? Hanging them on the front side of the box, horses may nibble on them or even drag them into the box. Spread them over the manège’s parapet, a bench or a chair in front of the saddlery or even on the wing of a fence?

 rugfix® - new organising in your shop

Up to 30 rugs can be accessible on a sales area of less than 1.7 m².

Times are over for your staff taking numerous rugs out of the shelves, spread them and pleat them again only to show whether the rug is checkered, striped or with spots. Now they are well arranged and pleasantly presented.

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